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10 Interior Trends That Are Killing it This Spring 2018

10 Interior Trends That Are Killing it This Spring 2018

The sun has made an appearance, finally. There's heaps of colour and texture to look forward to this spring.

Pastels, golds, indigo and super bright colour pops, these are all trends coming this spring. We are going to share our favourites and how to put them together yourself.



Macrame, tufting, feathers, bits and bobs – whatever you want to call it, it's here for this season and you'll see hanging from many accessories. This trend will add a wonderful personally made quality to each room. You'll see beautiful cushions on the sofa and a swarming throw with tassels in the bedroom, and a wall-hanging or two on plain walls to add interest.



ice cream styles

Ice-cream colours are a must have this year. But why should you wait for spring? Start purchasing key pieces now and get there first. 'Choosing your favourite flavour of ice cream can be a bit like choosing your favourite paint colour, why only choose one when you can have them all, in a perfect palette of ice cream colours.' You can even mix them up to suit your preference and then match with custom accessories. Introduce these pretty colours on a wall on its own or multiple if you feel like really wowing people. You can even go the full gelato and get furniture in matching colours. 🍨




Although we did see this style last year, it predominantly made an appearance on cushions and rugs. This year it's going viral and you'll see it on tiles, wallpaper and walls. The above design is striking and really wows when you first see it. 



Foliage and plants

Get me plants and put them everywhere. The benefits are undisputed, the houseplant is everywhere, and for good reason. More is more when it comes to these little beauties, so pop down to your local plant market or centre and get yourself some stunning plants. Place them in every room, don't be afraid to use many hanging plants from your shelves. Find a corner and put a plant there. They are good for your wellbeing, it's a fact. Go the full green and pair them with green furniture or rugs, like in the picture above.




In contrast to the pastel tones, another colour that is well on trend is inky blues. If you're thinking about painting a whole room and this seems a little too much then simply accessorise instead with flowers or vases. Try different shapes and styles. Try changing the heights and widths to create an interesting display.



Ombre style

This term means to shade and guess what - you're going to see a lot of it this season. It works on many things - from fabrics to cushions and rugs and even bedding. If you don't want to go the whole hog and try it on your walls then try getting a wallpaper instead. After you have your wall, coordinate your accessories to really make your home stand out. 



Glittery gold

Did you notice how much metallic was going on last year? It began to move into paints and metallic finishes. This season gold is a primary colour. It's much softer than silver yet it still holds that gracefulness and extravagance. You'll see it on doorknobs, lamp bases, frames and even handles. Brass and gold accents are here to stay for the stylish amongst us. 



Colour pops

This style is one of the strongest trends we've noticed this season. Looking at the variety of strong shades it seems that they will transform any home and help portray your true style. Colour pops are all about mixing bright colours for great effect. They are strong, but easily achievable if you have other colours that can help to 'ground' the style. As shown here, the blue sheets and the walls do just that. Cushions, rugs and curtains add the pop to the scheme. Make sure you get textures to layer and don't worry about mixing styles. 




Insanely bright colours paired with gold unlock this beautiful style. If you want to get this look going then get some different coloured tablecloths and layer them whilst using darker colours for the tableware. 

This style is only made better with stylish additions such as tropical print cushions. Tropical is really the best way to create a summer party vibe. Make yours bold by making it striking, and make sure your party rocks just as much as your accessories. 



Shimmery floors

Shimmer shimmer like my floors. Why not drill some life into your floors with this new concept? The finish really catches the light and creates a spectacular effect. Pair it will similar styles wallpapers and pains to create that wondrous feeling. 

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