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How To Keep Squirrels Out Of Your Garden

How To Keep Squirrels Out Of Your Garden

How to keep squirrels out of your garden

You could be forgiven for thinking that squirrels are cute, harmless creatures. Children often revel in the nimble creature's ability to skip between the branches. But for a gardener, these animals can bring countless headaches. dug up flowerbeds and ravaged fruit an vegetables are just a few ways that these fluffy-tailed creatures can cause harm to your garden. 

Apart from this squirrels are also quite keen on the nuts and seed that you might leave out for birds. They will munch on seedlings, berries, fruit, buds, and leaves. Squirrels are rodents and that means they have long sharp teeth that continue to grow. They will use these teeth to chew on all sorts to keep them at a reasonable length. Don't worry though - we're going to help you figure out how to get squirrels out of your garden.


How to identify squirrel activity

They are many signs of squirrel activity for you to look out for. They can cause damage in many ways. Squirrels are active during the day when it is daylight. To identify the presence of squirrels in your garden look out for:

  • Chewed seedheads  - These rodents will nibble away at just ripening seedheads. Look for patterns that show eating from the outside in. They are quite fond of sunflowers. 
  • Shallow digging holes where you have planted your crops - The size of the holes will be around 4cm across. Squirrels like this environment as they can dig up the freshly planted seeds and enjoy a tasty snack. 
  • Lost fruit or fruit with small pieces missing - Sometimes these creatures will just much a small part of a fruit or vegetable in your garden. Other times they will eat the whole thing. Watch out for cucumbers, eggplant, beans, and tomatoes especially. 
  • Container digging - If you have some pots that contain fruit, vegetables or other produce and you can see that they are constantly being burrowed into then this is a sign of squirrel activity. What they are actually doing here is burying their nuts. Yep, that's right, just like ice age. 
  • Missing plants - if you can see the remains of small seedlings then this is probably the work of squirrels. 
  • Half eaten flowers  - Look out for this on daisies or a similar kind of plant. 
  • The best way is always to see the squirrel in your garden and then catch it doing any of the above. 

How to get rid of squirrels - squirrel deterrent

In some places, squirrels are extremely common. This makes it difficult to keep them out of your garden entirely. In this situation, it's probably better to try and outsmart them. So here are some strategies to do just that and get rid of squirrels for good. 

Try different ones and don't be afraid to combine them to remove squirrels from your garden.


Get rid of what is attracting them

If squirrels can see or smell fallen fruit, nuts or seed they will be attracted to your garden. Make sure you clean up items that have fallen to the ground, especially around bird feeders. Ensure that your garden waste bins are properly closed to keep them from discovering snacks in the bin. 


Actively repel squirrels

If you look online there are many different solutions to get rid of squirrels. many of these contain a variety of spicy pepper. Other include peppermint oil and/or vinegary substances to try and repel them. It's hard to gauge which of these methods will work best for your garden (or if at all). Just make sure to reapply after rain.


Try and distract the squirrels

You could try to get rid of squirrels by setting up a decoy food source. Get some treats that they are fond of (such as seeds, corn or nuts) and place these in a corner of your garden well away from your plants or edible produce. You can even plant some spare crops near this area to keep them away from your primary crop. 


Get a pet to deter squirrels 

If you have a dog or a cat then this will dramatically scare squirrels and stop them from getting into in your garden. Train your pet to chase unwanted creatures. If you don't have a pet then you can buy the pee of some squirrel hunters. These include wolf or tiger. Place this in your garden and it will terrify many unwanted pests. Remember to reapply after it has rained. 

You could also try a motion activated sprinkler which will come on when the squirrel is in your garden. You can add reflective moving parts, such as old CDs to the area of your garden when the crops are growing. 


Make it impossible for squirrels to reach your plants 

You can also install a cover around your crops to keep squirrels from getting to them. Try chicken wire, cloth or netting. All are effective methods to stop squirrels from getting to your plants. 

You can do this around individual plants, or even individual fruits. Squirrels prefer ripe fruits so you'll only need to do this to the ripe ones. 


Should you trap squirrels?

Some gardeners like to trap squirrels and then release them. The aim is to temporarily decrease the population. Whilst this will do this, new squirrels will soon move in o the unoccupied area. in some countries, this is actually illegal as the species are protected by law.

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